A Letter From Kevin Phair, Sunridge Terrace Maintenance...

I am blown away by the effectiveness of [SingleSeal Freeze Protect]. We applied this product to every breezeway, walkway, and staircase in a brand-new 216-unit apartment complex in Happy Valley, OR.

The trick to our situation was we had residents already living in the units so we needed a fast-drying, yet still effective sealant. [SingleSeal Freeze Protect] met the expectations and then some! The application process was simple - more simple than any other concrete sealer I have ever tried. The dry time was about 30 minutes in 76 degree (F) weather and about an hour in 65 degrees. We had foot traffic in 2 hours and rain in 18 but the sealant held up and is still holding strong! The product is so effective it even repels itself if you accidentally try and reapply in an area.

Within the first couple of weeks a resident let their dog pee in the breezeway. It all just beaded up and stood there until I found it and dried it up about 2 hours later. Disgusting story, I know, but it shows how wonderful this product is! Unlike other sealants, [SingleSeal Freeze Protect] does not make the surface slippery when wet, so we confidently applied to every stair tread in the complex.

Honestly I am waiting for something to go wrong with the product, but it keeps proving itself to be the most effective concrete sealant every single day.