Concentrated Form Single Seal Freeze Protect Application

For Use Only When Using The Concentrated Form Of Our Concrete Sealer

Single Clean Ready to Use 5 GAL

SingleClean - 5 gallon - Ready to Use

Product Code: 88997766
Unit Price: $225.96

Concentrate Dilution Formula 4:1 (4 Parts Water, 1 Part "Treat")

The following is meant as a suggested application method for newly placed concrete, concrete block, existing concrete, concrete pavers, pool decks.

You can spray, roll or brush on Single Seal Freeze Protect making sure to cover the entire surface. The preferred method is to spray using a simple pump-up garden sprayer or an airless sprayer at low pressure achieving a fine mist.

Do not over apply or you may experience a white film when the "Treat" has dried. Simply apply enough to achieve a damp look. You should cover approximately 300 square feet per gallon on poured concrete and approximately 150 square feet of coverage on concrete block surfaces. If accidentally applied to glass surfaces Remove Immediately to help prevent etching.

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New Construction

Single Seal Freeze Protect may be applied as long as the ambient temperature is at least 28 degrees F and there is no standing water on the surface. Damp concrete can be treated, but you may not "Treat" through standing water.

Newly placed horizontal concrete surfaces can be "Treated" as soon as the concrete is ready to be walked on, and the temperature is at least 28°F.

Or, if you can spray the Single Seal Freeze Protect and reach the entire surface to be "Treated" as in the case of a sidewalk, as soon as you have achieved the final finish of your choice and there is no standing water on the surface of the concrete, you are ready to apply.

Vertical surfaces can be "Treated" 24 hours after the forms are removed.

If the concrete or other surface to be "Treated" has already cured, you will need to clean any concrete dust or other debris from the surface to make sure the pores of the surface are open to receive the Single Seal Freeze Protect . You can use a stiff bristle broom or power wash the surface. It is best to power wash horizontal surfaces to be sure the pores are open and clean just be sure there is no standing water. Damp surfaces can be "Treated." You can paint or stain the surface. Be sure the surface is ready by sprinkling a little water on the "Treated" surface. If the water beads up, you may paint or stain.

Existing Construction

Existing surfaces may be "Treated" by following the same guidelines. The most important step is to start with a clean surface. The pores of the surface must be free of any debris. You must remove anything that will prohibit the Single Seal Freeze Protect from entering the pores of the surface, including paint, stain, glue or efflorescence (white powdery surface). Clean efflorescence with full-strength white vinegar and a hard bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly. Apply Single Seal Freeze Protect .

  • Start w/ clean surface - Pores must be open
  • Lightly treat entire surface (spray, roll, brush)
  • Ambient temperature must be at least 28°F
  • Surface may be damp - no standing water
  • Do not over apply - no puddling or dripping
  • Do not apply on glass, as it will cause etching

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