Specification Data For Single Seal Freeze Protect

Single Clean Ready to Use 5 GAL

SingleClean - 5 gallon - Ready to Use

Product Code: 88997766
Unit Price: $225.96

Warranty, Applications, Limitations, & More For Single Seal Freeze Protect

Single Seal & Freeze Protect

SingleSeal Freeze Protect - 5 gallon - Ready to Use

Unit Price: $181.68

Single Seal & Freeze Protect seals and damp-proofs a variety of surface types, including concrete, brick, stucco and more.

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Test Data:

Concete Treat meets and/or exceeds the following ASTM tests:

ASTM D 2939 Resistance to Water Solubility Flexibility no Cracking
ASTM D 466 Resistance to water flow and action/  Excellent adhesion / No Reemulsification
ASTM E 96 Water vapor transmisson - 0.04 grains/sq. ft/hour Water Vapor permeability - 0.102 perms
ASTM C 836 Film Thickness on Vertical Surface
SS-W-110 C Water Repellency on Masonry Test 1.925% Average
ASTM C 672 Freeze/Thaw - 20 Day Cycle


Do not get Single Seal Freeze Protect on glass. It will cause etching of glass and cannot be removed. If Single Seal Freeze Protect comes in contact with glass, clean immediately with water.

Do not let product freeze. Store indoors at temperature above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature must be 28 degrees Fahrenheit and rising before application.

Do not dilute Single Seal Freeze Protect . Do not apply when the threat of rain is imminent. Do not apply on glazed tile, slate, glazed brick construction, acrylics, or painted finishes. Do not use on colored concrete . Single Seal Freeze Protect will not plug holes or cracks. Cover all doors and glass openings to ensure product does not come in contact with them. Use caution when applying on windy days. Single Seal Freeze Protect is not designed to be used as a waterproofing coating to stop moisture penetration caused by cracks or holes in the surface.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children


Single Seal Freeze Protect can be applied directly to block walls after the mortar joints and parging has taken its initial set. Single Seal Freeze Protect can be applied to poured concrete walls after the forms have been removed a minimum of 24 hours.

The use of Single Seal Freeze Protect in no way eliminates the need for a properly installed drainage system designed for the foundation wall.

Note: Always perform a job site test to insure desired results.

Coverage: Approximately 150 to 300 square feet depending on the porosity of the surface.

Note: On concrete and masonry block walls, perform a test of Single Seal Freeze Protect clear penetrating sealer. After the clear sealer has dried on the concrete or masonry substrate, apply water to substrate to see if scaler repels water. If water repels, continue with application. If water absorbs into substrate and does not repel water, do not continue the application. Call your local representative for additional information.


Repair all structural deficiencies before applying. Cover all areas or surfaces not to be sealed, such as doors windows, and floors prior to applying. Concrete tie locations below grade that create holes or recesses into the wall should be scaled with an approved material or method.


Apply Single Seal Freeze Protect without dilution with a hand-pump sprayer or airless sprayer. For spraying application, and depending upon sprayer equipment used, it is recommended that an orifice size of 0.035 inches be used for testing to insure proper material application. Apply until saturation. Do not interrupty application process until area is completely treated.

Equipment cleans up easily with soap and water. Apply only once.


Entire foundation wall to be sealed from top of footer to top of foundation wall.

Single Seal Freeze Protect is warranted as specified for a period of not less than three years from date of application. PPD, Inc.s warrant the product to be good quality and will replace or refund the purchase price of any product proven defective. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine that this product meets their needs and apply it properly. The application of Single Seal Freeze Protect requires that the user be skilled in achieving results from applying this product. Satisfactory results depend not only upon quality product but also upon many factors beyond PPD, Inc.'s control. PPD, Inc. makes no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, including warranty of fitness of merchantibility respecting its products. PPD, Inc. shares no other liability with respect thereto. Guarantee of this product, when used according to directions, is limited to refund or purchase price or replacement of the product, if it is proven defective. PPD, Inc. shall not be liable for the cost of labor, direct or incidential consequential damages.


  • On concrete: Approximately 300 sq. ft. per gallon
  • On masonry block: Approximately 150 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Note: Coverage rates may vary due to the porosity of the substrate.


No maintenance required.

Technical Services:

Technical advice furnished by PPD, Inc. convering any use or application of Single Seal Freeze Protect is reliable as current technology allows. PPD, Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, of any use of application for which such advice is furnished.

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