Single Clean 1 Gallon Size

Clean Efflorescence Off Concrete & Brick Surfaces With Our Easy-To-Use Product!

Single Clean 1 Gallon Size

Use To Clean 300 Square Feet Of Low Absorbent Materials, Or 150 Square Feet Of Highly Absorbent Materials

Basic Application:

  • Do not apply Single Clean if ambient temperature is below 28 degrees F.
  • Clean affected area of loose debris (dirt, dust, excess crystallization, etc.) to help open surface pores and ensure maximum penetration.
  • Apply Single Clean using a pump-up garden sprayer or an airless sprayer at low pressure. Spray area which shows signs of efflorescence thoroughly, using enough liquid to make the surface appear damp yet not causing "dripping" or "run-off". Wipe off excess to ensure even coverage.
  • Allow Single Clean to soak for one hour then clean with a hard bristled brush. Pending on the type and amount of efflorescence present, repeat Step 3 if needed.
  • Rinse using a constant water source (hose, power washer, etc.), liberally spraying down the area where Single Clean was applied.
  • Single Clean is designed to take the efflorescence particles below the surface with it as it is absorbed. On very dense, sealed, or vertical surfaces, a white, powdery residue may be left behind after application process. These residues are typically crystalline efflorescence, not true efflorescence, and are mineral deposits left behind from an outside water source (rain, sprinkler system, runoff from another area, etc.). These residues can usually be eliminated by repeating Steps 3-5 above or by washing the area with soap/white vinegar and water after the true efflorescence has been removed.

*Note: When applying Single Clean do not allow solution to get on glass or aluminum. Etching and discoloration may occur. If Single Clean does come in accidental contact with any materials other than those intended, flush the area immediately with water to minimize potentially irreversible damage.


Because Single Clean can be used on such a wide variety of surface materials, the actual coverage area per gallon will vary. As a basic rule, you can expect one gallon of Single Clean solution to cover approximately 300 square feet on low absorbent materials and 150 square feet on highly absorbent materials. See the Contributing Factors to Single Clean Performance section above for a more complete list of factors that influence actual coverage.

Contributing Factors to Efflorisnt Performance:

  • Density of Material
  • Ambient Temperature / Weather Conditions
  • Moisture Content of Material
  • Dilution Ratio
  • Amount / Type of Efflorescence Present
  • Source of Efflorescence
  • Previous Treatments (e.g. Sealants) Applied to Surface
  • Age of Material

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    We Can Help You Seal Your Concrete Surfaces!

    Single Seal Freeze Protect is an easy-to-use product that can be used on any clean concrete surface with open pores. It applies easily, is safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and applies invisibly to concrete surfaces -- with no peeling, yellowing, or discoloration of the surface. Once applied, your concrete is protected by a moisture-proof vapor barrier that will help prevent spalling damage and the ugly white powder known as efflorescence. It will also help your concrete to resist stains, and will reduce ice bonding, making the surface easier to shovel in snowy, cold weather.

    Advantages of SSFP:

    • Easy to use by both homeowners and contractors
    • Dries quickly -- in 2-4 hours
    • Can be applied to damp concrete and also newly placed (uncured) concrete surfaces
    • Can be used in below-freezing temperatures of 28°F and rising
    • Inorganic, latex-free design will not support mold growth
    • May be painted over and also finished over with drywall and insulation

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