Issues With Unsealed Stucco

Single Clean Ready to Use 5 GAL

SingleClean - 5 gallon - Ready to Use

Product Code: 88997766
Unit Price: $225.96

1. Stucco Is Porous

A contracotr installing a stucco wall

The pores that allow stucco to dry will allow new water in.

2. Chipping Stucco

Chipping, damaged stucco surface in need of repairs

As water freezes and expands in stucco, the surface pops off.

3. Structural Issues

Cracked stucco with rusting wire mesh and rotting wood

Water rots wood and rusts metal that holds stucco together.

4. Algae & Stains

Ugly stucco with stains and damage from mold, moss, lichen, and algae

Water, and the ugly dirt that comes with it, helps mold and algae grow.

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Seal Stucco With Our Easy-To Use Single Seal Freeze Protect!

Single Seal Freeze Protect provides you with a long-lasting, easy way to protect your stucco surfaces with a sealer that will not peel or flake away, discolor when exposed to UV rays, or change the appearance of your stucco surfaces. Instead, it penetrates deep within the pores and openings of your stucco, creating a glasslike silicon barrier just below the visible surface. This barrier will keep water from ever entering your material -- as well as and the dirt and residue that water carries with it!

Once Single Seal Freeze Protect has been applied to a stucco surface, it will be protected from stains, water damage to the matierials, and fungal growth -- and will also be sealed against any water vapor that would otherwise pass through the stucco to the other side. Additionally, because water cannot penetrate your stucco materials, it will not be able to freeze and expand under the surface, which is a common reason that stucco begins to crack and chip away.

Advantages Of Single Seal Freeze Protect :

Stucco sealer product logo
  • Easy to use by both homeowners and contractors
  • Dries withiun 2-4 hours
  • Can be applied to damp and/or dry brick surfaces with a sprayer, brush, or roller
  • May be used in below-freezing temperatures of 28°F and rising
  • Inorganic, non-toxic, latex-free design will not support mold growth
  • Treated surface may be painted over.
  • Prepares stucco to be finished over with drywall and insulation