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Our complete product line is available to homeowners, contractors, and distributors worldwide! Protect concrete, brick, stucco, pavers and more, with our revolutionary sealers. In the heat of the Summer or below freezing temperatures this Winter, you will continue to be productive with Professional Products Direct.

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Single Seal Freeze Protect

SingleSeal Freeze Protect™

You'll appreciate how easy-to-use our concrete sealer is on both your indoor and outdoor concrete projects. This innovative product can be applied to surfaces year-round, in temperatures as low as 28°F.

Single Seal Freeze Protect™ may be placed on both cured and newly placed concrete by using a sprayer, roller, brush, or other applicator.

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SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ the following options:

  • SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ 1 gallon Ready to Use
  • SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ 5 gallon Ready to Use
  • SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ 1 gallon Concentrate 
  • SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ 5 gallon Concentrate 
Single Clean™


Efflorescence is a white, powdery mineral salt that's found on the surfaces of concrete, brick, and stucco. While it is not a sign of damage, it's a definitely eyesore.

SingleClean™ is a simple, spray-on solution that penetrates deep into pores, eliminating both the visible and below-surface efflorescence.

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SingleClean™ the following options:

  • SingleClean™ 1 gallon Ready to Use
  • SingleClean™ 5 gallon Ready to Use
  • SingleClean™ 1 gallon Concentrate 
  • SingleClean™ 5 gallon Concentrate 




Customer Testimonials:

"We've used this product on several projects where the homeowner has concerns over the damp spots where the new concrete has not fully cured. Rather than asking the homeowner to give it the proper time to cure, we have your product. The dampness goes away quickly and the homeowner's happy!"
- Contractor, West Virginia
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